( How I Lost Over 120kg and rejuvenated my skin within 2 months without dieting and exercise )

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My weight loss and skin rejuvenation strategy will definably change your life if you have been struggling to lose weight and look young again.. make sure you read and understand every bit of this post as I share my secret without hiding anything.. THIS POST WILL BE DELETED SOON

My transformation took me TWO MONTHS only!... AMAZING RESULT, RIGHT?

Ok, here's my story

I have been overweight since my childhood. By the time I was 11 years old, I already weighed 200 Kg. I had high blood pressure and was prediabetic. I was also being bullied by a relative at home, and at school, I was bullied some more. It was a rough road for me. 

Food became my escape, as the numbers continued to climb well into adulthood with me entering the 350’s. And by the time i was 28 years old, I tipped the scale at 293 kg and was looking like a 40 years old woman.

I become more worried about my weight as I started learning about the different kinds of diseases that harm the body because of excess fat. I knew that me weighing 293 lbs at only 28 was taking me on a shortcut to death. I DID NOT want that. Also, I couldn’t even climb two flights of stairs.

I decided to get a fit and healthy body by all means, so I stopped eating greasy and fried food and gave up hearty late meals.  I went for the morning run and evening training sessions in the gym but instead of losing weight, I continued gaining more and more!

I started trying out different products and drugs which didn't give me any noticeable result. the only option left with me was to go for a body shaping surgery which I never wanted because it's dangerous too. 

After heaps of diets, pills and hours in the gym and thousands of money paid to the personal instructor I gave up completely.

​How I got my breakthrough

While making researches, I ran into an article reviewing the 100% herbal fat burning and beauty Combo from fitnessdeli that is made of the most effective fat burning and skin rejuvenation herbal extracts. In grains I was sceptical about the product. But having tried everything and getting desperate I had no choice but to order for it! besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive indeed!...

Millions of women in Europe and US got rid of their extra pounds with this herbal Combo. According to the research, 96.7% lost 12-17 kg in three weeks!..

So, it was settled! I went on on a research about them, double-checked everything and ordered the Combo that contains 2 cans of fat burning and skin rejuvenation cream and one slimming tea. It came within a short while. I read the instructions and started using it according to their instruction.


After only two weeks, my results were stunning – I lost 36 kg! The puffiness was gone and my complexion got much better! The hips and belly became notably smaller - and my mood became better! I started to believe I could become beautiful again without any dieting or exercising! So, I continued eating everything I wanted! I was too sick and tired of starving and working out...

By the end of the fourth week, I lost another 38 kg! My skin was renewed to a whole new younger look, I became more fit and that inspired me to climb the stairs instead of using elevator every time. What seemed to be a tough workout became an easy pleasure for me! I couldn't believe it happened just because I was following those simple instructions from FitnessDeli! If I could do it - everyone can! Only two months passed and 130kg were gone!

I archived my goal weight within 60 days. My belly was gone, I lost 120kg and got the body I had never dared to dream about!

Based On My Research, This combo which is the combination of the 2in1 fat burning and skin rejuvination cream plus the 29 days herbal slimming and beauty tea were tested by the National Academy of Sciences in 2015. The results would have been a bomb but they never made public. Because i guess they would make pharmaceutical companies, Beauty stores, fitness clubs, nutritionists and overpriced clinics go broke! No wonder: It's ridiculously cheap!

AUDALA 100% herbal fat burning cream

Now I keep recommending this herbal Combo to my friends and colleges. 

IMPORTANT: the product is not always available due to high demand of it, but check for its availability from the official product website otherwise you might get a fake. I am happy with my results and I believe that you will be happy too! Forget the stereotypes: you don't need any diets and workouts to have a nice figure!

P.S. Everyone who lost weight by just applying this cream please and taking the tea, feel free to share you results right here! You will help to persuade other people that it really helps! Cheers!

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Clara | 20.12.2018

Hey ladies, I am joining the slim-team soon!! I just received my fat burning cream! Thank you for sharing your results and they motivated me to begin the course. Hopefully I’ll finally get rid of all the fat. I’ll write here about my progress as well xoxo

As a woman, I can tell you one thing. fatness is a real pain and something that every single or married women should pray to always overcome by all means. It makes you look older than your age, It makes you very vanourable for several kinds of sickness that if proper care is not taken might lead to death. and studies has shown that obesity in woman has caused over 60% of divorce and breakups in african and america.. 

ClaOrisa | 16.12.2018

​​I had been dreaming of a slim body for a long time, read about ​fat burning cream! on this page three month ago. I had been hesitating to order but got persuaded by my mom. It is not a big price to pay for a dream come true! Now we are losing weight together. She is more success than me though =(

​Umeala | ​16.12.2018

​So happy that I found this blog. Certainly gonna try fat burning cream! Thanks

​Zauna | ​16.12.2018

​Hey Grace! I followed your advice and tried fat burning cream! and well… you have actually saved my family and my marriage =) ​Grace, you are amazing girl! My husband has changed a lot towards me recently, I gained self-confidence… Now I feel GREAT! =)

​Chichima | ​16.12.2018

​​Hey ladies, I am joining the slim-team soon!! I just received my fat burning cream! Thank you for sharing your results and they motivated me to begin the course. Hopefully I’ll finally get rid of all the fat. I’ll write here about my progress as well xoxo


Grace Iwu | ​16.12.2018

​Hello, Chichima! I am very happy for you! The most important is harmony inside but it is impossible without the harmony with your own body. I am looking forward to seeing your first progress. And remember: better be small progress than no progress at all! Good luck!

​​Diola | ​16.12.2018

​Dear ​Grace! I’m very glad I found your website and looking to get some support here. I’ve tried many methods of losing weight but unfortunately my results have fallen short of my expectations. My height is 52 inches and my weight is 97 kg - that’s a shame!!! I need to lose at least 36 kg and fat burning cream! seems to be my last hopeful solution….


Grace Iwu | ​16.12.2018

Hello, Diola! I am not the only one to become slim by drinking fat burning cream! My friends also tried it and IT WORKS, so I give you a 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed again. We are all happy with our results and wishing you the same!

Ladies, I want to ask you one more time, please, spend a couple of minutes to share your results because sharing is caring! It might be your message that persuades someone else to finally become slim beautiful and really happy!

​Emilohi  | ​16.12.2018

​Got the yesterday and I am starting a new life today! Can’t wait to see the first progress)

​Rose | ​16.12.2018

​I am having a date tomorrow and we are going out to dine in some fancy place. Some weeks ago a single thought of going there and eating the food without knowing how many calories in contains would be a nightmare. Now I don’t care! I now can eat whatever I want and I will not gain anymore. I lost 27.5 kg with the help of fat burning cream! just in a month! Thank you, ​Grace Iwu!


​Nwakamma | ​16.12.2018

​Wow ​Grace Iwu, did you seriously archive that in a month? Maybe I should get some fat burning cream! as well… I gained another three kg, that’s terrible…

​Itunu| ​16.12.2018

​I am sharing my results as I promised. The system is excellent. I managed to lose almost 15 kg after 6 weeks. WOW!

​Itunu| ​16.12.2018

​Forget all the doubts, this thing really works! My friend also lost weight with fat burning cream! - about 18 kg in 2 months if I am not mistaken. Impressive, huh?

​Bolanile| ​16.12.2018

​Thank you for your reviews, ladies! You motivated me to order fat burning cream! and work to improve myself! I already lost 5 kg, just 6 more away from my goal weight!

​​Chinenyenwa | ​16.12.2018

​My three cousins changed completely after ​using the fat burning cream! for a couple of months. The turned from typical plus-size girls into stunning beautiful ladies!

​Daraja | ​16.12.2018

​So, here some my results: I lost 12.5 kg without having a single session in a gym! Everyone is so amazed about it =))


​​Grace Iwu| ​16.12.2018

​Hello, Daraja! I am very happy for you! But as far as I remember you wanted to lose a little more. That was a great start! Carry on! Good luck!

​Ayoluwa | ​16.12.2018

​Hello, ​Grace! I read your post and decided to fat burning cream. I am going to meet my high school mates soon, long time no see and it would be a shame to appear carrying 115 (!!!!) kg of weight and wearing size XXL!!! I used to be so skinny at the age of 17…. Now I weigh 68 kg and bought an M-size dress for the evening. I still have a lot to improve but I’m really grateful to you for giving me a motivation to start! Cheers!

​Aretta | ​16.12.2018

​​Your achievements are just stunning… but did I get it right that I don’t need to follow any diet? I am disgusted at the very thought of going on another low-carb one or smith like that… no more starving please!


​​Grace Iwu| ​16.12.2018

​Aretta, you got it right. fat burning cream! doesn’t require you to follow any diet plan at all. We all know that as soon as you stop the diet your weight returns - which never happens to you if you​ use fat burning cream!. So no worries, just give it a try and you will see!

​​Efe | ​16.12.2018

​I can’t help sharing this!!! I Lost 20 kg after two months!!!!! this fat burning cream is a real treasure! My husband and I are having the second honeymoon)))

​Aretta | ​16.12.2018

My sister bought me a couple of packs of fat burning cream! from China last year. First I thought it was ridiculous - like how can you lose weight without diets and working out - but she persuaded me just to try… I never thought it is possible… I started ​using ​this in February and in May I HAD TO CHANGE MY WARDROBE COMPLETELY! Everything was just too big for me!!!! I went from 92 to 58 kg in less than a two months!!!!!! 2 years passed but by weight hasn’t changed! I am a happy girl now. To draw a conclusion, just try ​this cream! for a couple of weeks… and you will see…

​Aretta | ​16.12.2018

​Dear ​Grace and everyone who wrote a review here! I am at a loss for words to express my gratitude and happiness… I am 33 and the last few years I’ve gone through the hell because of my weight. Even the easiest workout was a real challenge for me, I had terrible backache, quickly got weak and exhausted… I read your posts and decided to try this cream! - and the results turned out to be way above my expectations! Now my weight is 63 kg - but used to be 91 kg! I lost those 28 kg in three months! I feel great, I feel and look 10 years younger! I do not have dyspnea and my back doesn’t hurt anymore!

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