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My natural weight loss transformation story & Strategy!

... I lost over 50 kg and rejuvenated my skin WITHOUT Using Harmful Supplements, or Paying Expensive Bills To Fitness and beauty Specialist.

My name is Busola..! I want to share with you the simple natural formula I used to burn all the fats in my tummy, waist, legs and arms.. and rejuvenated my skin within 60 days..

How I started!!

I’ve been obese my entire life right from childhood. I’m a yoruba lady and most of our foods are starchy and very high in carbs. Growing up I really did not have any idea or clue about what healthy eating or what a healthy lifestyle was.

So I have been overweight my entire life but my weight skyrocketed after giving birth to my first child, it became very serious that it started affecting my marriage in so many ways (many of you might relate to what i am talking about)..

The turning point for me to get a hold of my life was when I noticed my size 16 jeans were not fitting anymore and that in essence meant I now wore a size 18. I also started to have high blood pressure and low back pain. I was getting frustrated with myself that I developed major depression and anxiety and tried to  shut myself off from everyone.

I decided to get a fit and healthy body by all means, So i started making my diet strict and stricter, excluding meat, bread, fries, and sweets. I ended up eating fruits and vegetables and drinking nothing but water. I tried some terribly expensive weight loss teas and patches but nothing seemed to work for me permanently. After a while, the lost weight would come back to my exhausted body.

So, after trying different products and giving up, I was finally saved by my friend Lucy, She became а mother recently, and towards the end of her pregnancy she had gained 30 kg more and looked like a balloon. But she managed to get rid of the excess weight in a couple of months – a really short period! We all thought that she underwent plastic surgery but it turned out that it was a completely different simple treatment.

Lucy brought a box of fat burning formula  « NATURAL SLIMMING/ BEAUTY TEA!». «Here, try this. This is a special weight-loss formula that really helps. Just take a look at me.» , – She showed me the way to happiness so simply and easily. I immediately grabbed the formula, and started looking them over..

Although I heard many other celebs were losing weight and nourishing their skin with this "NATURAL SLIMMING/ BEAUTY TEA" ,

In grains I was skeptical, But having tried everything and getting desperate I had no choice! besides, I checked the reviews and they were impressive! And according to the research, 96.7% lost 12-17 kg and nourished their skin in three weeks with this instrument!

And most importantly, this machine comes with a Free Slimming Abdomen/Hip Underwear which is even very expensive on its own.. but they give it away for free to help all their customers lose weight faster..

So, it was settled! I went on their website, double-checked everything and ordered the 3in1 slimming and beauty machine  Plus the Free Slimming Abdomen/Hip Underwear. It came within a couple of days. They forwarded the simple user instructions to me and i started using it for 5 minutes daily.. the free Free Slimming Abdomen/Hip Underwear made it much more easier for me to burn down all those lot of fats on my tummy..

So,  after 2 weeks of using it, I checked my weight. I stepped on the scale and it took my breath away, I lost 11 kg!!! and a whole lot of changes on my skin!

Most importantly I am no longer on any blood pressure medications, I can buy my clothes from regular stores now, I can comfortably put on heels, I can walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m about to pass out. There are numerous changes i had after the first 2 week of using this product, but these are the few I remember.

I archived my goal weight within 2 months. My belly, puffins, arms and legs were all reduced.. My skin was nourished and I lost over 35 kg after the first 60 days and got the body I had never dared to dream about!

Now I keep recommending this instrument to everyone who's looking for the safest and fastest method to loss weight and nourish their skin !!

by now, you should be tired of using different wight lose products/ teas that are not giving you permanent result, get this working assured solution and thank me later.. 

In Nigeria and Ghana, there is just one official distributor of this "NATURAL SLIMMING/ BEAUTY TEA! Plus the Free Slimming Abdomen/Hip Underwear."

Simply order from the official website , it will be delivered to your doorstep, and you will only pay once you receive the package. It’s that simple!

Try to lose weight and nourish your skin once and for all, start right away – your life will change for better!

this product might look a bit prissy, but trust me, getting it would be one of the best decision you would ever make in your weight lose and skin nourishment journey..

Make sure you click on the link bellow to get over 50% discount..

Comments (26)

Francisca Judge 

As a woman, I can tell you one thing. fat is a real pain and something that every single or married women should pray to always overcome by all means. It makes you look older than your age, It makes you very vulnerable to several kinds of sickness that if proper care is not taken might lead to death.  I suffered for years till I got that NATURAL SLIMMING/ BEAUTY TEA, and i can say it's more effective than you can ever think of... I was totally renewed.. Thanks for the recommendation...

26 m        Reply

Busola (admin)

The earlier women realize that there's no price too much to pay to look healthy and beautiful the better for them... I'm happy for you tho, congrats...

20 m        Reply

Glory eke

​Where is the order page.. i want to get one for my mom

26 m        Reply

Nk baby

I have always dreamt about a body like this but it has never been easy at all because I'm too lazy for gym and different fat burning products I have tried failed woefully.. Thanks to fitnessdeli that saved my ass, theNATURAL SLIMMING/ BEAUTY TEA is a real life saver.. I feel unusual joy anytime i check myself in the mirror.. 

26 m        Reply

Jane Coker

How about the side/ after effect.. i am always skeptical about all these online products

26 m        Reply

Busola (admin)

No, it doesn't have any side/ after effect.. this tea is made of the most effective natural ingredients, including Ginseng & chlorogenic acid..

20 m        Reply

Grace P

My husband bought me one set of this 2in1 cream plus the tea a few months ago, at first I was sceptical about it. but surprisingly, it worked to the extent that I HAD TO CHANGE MY WARDROBE COMPLETELY! Everything was just too big for me!!!! I went from 115 to 60 kg in less than 2 months!!!!!! 2 months passed and weight hasn’t changed! I am a happy girl now. To draw a conclusion, just try this product!

1 h        Reply

Busola (admin)

congrats Grace, and thanks for the confirmation of my review for this product..

20 m        Reply

Grace P 

You are most welcome ma'am.. you are the real MVP.

13 m        Reply

Mercy ken

Thanks Slimmingword for the motivation... It has not been long I received mine and I'm really very happy I made the decision to order it..  can't wait for the result...

26 m        Reply

Gloria prince

✨✨✨It took me almost two years to feel like myself again after experiencing childbirth and adapting to motherhood. Going through a traumatic birth experience and recovering from caesarean section felt like the most challenging thing I ever had to do. The bonding moments of breastfeeding my son was what I cherished the most. I tried different products within the past 2 years but none was really of good help.. But i am really grateful I found this product. I didn't only loss weight with it, even my complexion also got much better.. . Being active and eating whatever I feel like is where I feel the most content. I feel the most like myself. thanks a lot fitnessdeli. ✨✨✨

1 h        Reply

Deraa Alex

Never had any interest in this fat-burning formula the first time I read about it here but I was persuaded by my husband to give it a trial  ( since the slimming tea i bought from other vendors is not even showing me any sign of burning fats).. but ladies, this product did the unexpected, i was able to lose over 35kg within just 2 weeks and without any exercise... I'm so grateful..

1 h        Reply

Miriam ken 

This combo did an credible work on my body... 1 year ago, i was looking 10 years older than my age, but today! I can't say anything more exciting. Thanks for your inspirations!

1 h        Reply

Joy David 

I have not been a fan of purchasing things online, but i saw this post and decided to give it a trial, ladies it's been just 25 days and I have burnt a whole lot of fats that I have not been able to burn all these years of wasting money.. thanks a lot slimmingworld for the recommendation.

1 h        Reply

Adela Pugyao

Dear slimmingworld Thank you so much! I lost weight very quickly but more importantly, it’s not coming back as it used to! That’s a miracle! I recommended this awesome fat burning solution to my girls because I can’t see them starve themselves to death anymore. !

1 h        Reply

Dorothy ella

Though I wasn't that fat before I started using It.. but I can see a lot improvement inside and outside my body.. I am in love with my new look, from my body to my skin. The cream and the tea is very effective.

1 h        Reply

Deraa onyeze

I am very impressed with the results I am seeing here.. I need to lose weight weight urgently before December … definitely gonna try this out...   wish me good luck!

1 h        Reply


I'll order it too. The results are mind-blowing! my neighbor is currently using it and she has been totally transformed..

20 m        Reply

Faith Olu

i was motivated by your comments to order mine today, i wish it will be my final busstop.. 

1 h        Reply

Karen donna

I can’t help sharing this!!! I Lost 30 kg before 3 months!!!!! this fat burning ​combo is a real treasure! saying thank you from south africa)))…

1 h        Reply

Cassie B

A friend of mine used and recommended it to me 3 months ago. I ordered the products and received them within 3 days (although I didn't get the discounted prices). The results have been incredible and I can't wait to see what weeks 5 and 6 bring.

1 h        Reply

jane Kennedy

My three cousins changed completely after using the fat burning combo for a couple of months. The turned from typical plus-size girls into stunning beautiful ladies!

1 h        Reply


Please is the product still available and how do I place order?

1 h        Reply

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