Introducing the 2022 rechargeable air conditioning portable neck fan

This 2022 portable device will make your life sweeter - hot weather has go nothing on you!!


  • Cooling & Safe: The newest designed portable air conditioning neck fan in 2022, with 48 wind outlets and 60pcs twin-turbine fan blades, multiplied wind power and can quickly feel cool in 3s. circulates 360 degree around your whole body. the device can be used safely by children and elderly. And you don’t worry about getting your hair in. The device will be keep you cool always.

  • Free Your Hands & Fashion: The portable air conditioning neck fan was designed to look like a headphone, you can free your hands and have a fashion style. portable air conditioning neck fan is lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere. Can Be Suitable For Outdoor Sports, Indoor Exercises, Offices, Gym, Travelling, And Camping.

  • USB Rechargeable & 3 Speed Wind: It's USB rechargeable, convenient to charge via computer, cell phone charger, power bank, laptops etc. Built-in 2000 mAh battery provide 2.5 to 8 working hours duration (depend on different speeds). 3 wind speeds can be adjusted at will to meet any needs of you.

  • Low Noise Design & Comfortable: The wearable personal fan’s motor has been modified so that will produce lower noise during operation. Made of Eco-friendly ABS and silicone. Makes the hands free neckband fan softer and more durable and quieter. Even if you wear a neck fan, you can have a quiet environment.

  • Enjoy & Fashion: Wear our portable air conditioning neck fan, it's very comfortable and fashionable, you will feel fresh and cool all the time... you can use it everywhere and anytime.

Ratings & Reviews 

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98% Overall

Grace U

I am a actress and I can say that this device has been of great help to me, i don't worry about shooting a remote location without AC..  

Evan O

My class is one of the hottest place in the word lol. but serious my class room is very hot and uncomfortable. but sincerely since i got this device, i no longer feel the hotness in my class. 

Merc C

i use it everywhere and everywhere and i must confess that this device is something everyone should have. the coolness is out of the world. i love it


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